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Standard Terms & Conditions

VERIFY Medico Legal Solutions Pty Ltd

  • Definitions
    Claimant means the person or entity that You refer to Us.
    Report means the examination, assessment, file review and compilation of a medico-legal report of the Claimant’s condition.
    Schedule of Fees means the confidential fee card provided to you at the time of booking.
    Services means any service provided by Us to You or the Claimant in accordance with these Terms.
    We/Us/Our means VERIFY Medico Legal Solutions Pty Ltd.
    You/Your means the person or entity that has engaged Us to provide the Services.
  • Payment
    1. You (not the Claimant) are liable to pay Us the fees for providing the Services. Fees will be calculated in accordance with the Schedule of Fees.
    2. Payment must be made within 14 days of You receiving an invoice from Us.
    3. Our invoice must be paid before We release a Report to You, unless We otherwise agree in writing.
    4. We may charge interest on any amounts not paid when due at a rate of 1.5% per month, calculated and compounding daily.
    5. If You do not pay any amounts when due, We may refer those unpaid amounts to a mercantile agent/solicitor. You agree to pay any costs of the mercantile agent/solicitor that are incurred in the recovery of unpaid amounts (on a full indemnity basis).
      You give Us permission to search Your credit history.
  • Services
    1. You warrant to Us that You have obtained, prior to Our engagement, all relevant approvals and consents of the Claimant for
      (a) Us to provide any of the Services in accordance with these Terms; and
      (b) Us to provide a copy of any Report in respect of the Claimant to You or any person nominated by You.
    2. You will provide the assistance that We reasonably require in order for Us to provide the Services.
    3. If You or the Claimant do not provide all relevant information and documentation to Us at least three business days before a scheduled appointment (including briefs and letters of instruction), We may cancel the appointment and You must pay the cancellation fee set out in Our Schedule of Fees.
    4. You are responsible for ensuring the documents and all information provided by You or the Claimant for the purposes of a Report is correct and complete. We are not be liable to You or any other person for loss or damage arising from documents or information that is incorrect or incomplete.
    5. You acknowledge that the Services may be delayed due to acts of third parties that are beyond Our reasonable control. We are not liable to You or any other person for loss or damage that may arise from those delays.
  • Acceptance
    Our engagement will commence on acceptance of these Terms. You may accept these Terms

    (a) orally;

    (b) by signing and returning the acknowledgment accompanying these Terms; or

    (c) by providing instructions after receiving these Terms.

  • Termination
    1. We may end our engagement with You immediately
      (a) if any amounts are not paid when due; or
      (b) if, in our reasonable opinion, You have not fulfilled or can no longer fulfill Your obligations under these Terms.
    2. You will still be responsible for paying Us the fees for Services provided up to the date of termination.
    3. We are not be liable to You or any other person for loss or damage suffered in the event We terminate our engagement under this clause.
  • Limitations
    1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, We exclude, and You irrevocably agree to release Us from, all liability that We may have for any loss or damage arising from provision of the Services.
    2. Where Our liability cannot be excluded by law, You agree that any liability shall be limited, at Our option, to the supplying of the Services again or a refund of any fees You paid for those Services.
    3. You irrevocably agree to indemnify Us, and Our officers, employees and contractors, against any loss or damage that the Claimant or any third party may suffer from provision of the Services.
  • General
    1. Any provision of these Terms which is prohibited or unenforceable will be read down to the extent necessary to be valid and, if it cannot be read down, severed.
    2. Any waiver is of no effect unless it is in writing and signed by the party granting the waiver or its authorised representative. A waiver is limited to the instance referred to in the writing (or if no instance is referred to in the writing, to past breaches).
    3. These Terms record the entire agreement between the parties, and supersedes all previous agreements, in respect of its subject matter.
    4. These Terms are governed by the law in force in Queensland. Each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that place.
  • Comments
    We aim to provide high levels of support throughout the entire medico-legal process. We value any feedback you may have, positive or negative. It can be sent to

How to minimise your client’s report costs

Briefs of material

  1. Please provide VERIFY with your letter of instruction and brief of material as soon as possible. This will allow VERIFY time to review the material properly. It may be the case that additional information is required, and we may potentially recommend a rescheduled examination date if the matter is not quite ready to proceed. With adequate notice, that can be done at no cost to your client. If the brief is delivered late, there is an increased risk of your client incurring additional costs.
  2. Try and provide all of the relevant documents with your letter of instruction. Documents provided after the examination date, or on a piecemeal basis, may result in additional reading charges being incurred.
  3. Try and limit the documents in the brief to matters which are relevant to the medico legal examination. If we think that the brief is unnecessarily large or contains irrelevant information, we will contact you to discuss how the brief could be reduced. With adequate time, this can be done before the brief is sent to the doctor, and before additional reading fees are incurred. Regrettably, briefs which exceed the allocated allowance in the standard report fee will incur additional reading fees.
  4. If you are not sure whether a particular class of documents should be included in the brief, then please contact VERIFY to discuss. In consultation with the doctor, we can provide some guidance on the documents that the doctor will need to see.

Late delivery of briefs

A significant amount of preparation must be completed by the independent medical examiner and VERIFY before the independent medical examination occurs. That preparation includes reading and considering the letter of instruction and brief before the physical examination of your client. The independent medical examiner and VERIFY also allocate time and other resources to perform the work.
This preparation must be performed to ensure a thorough and accurate medico legal report. The late delivery of the letter of instruction and brief risks impacting on the quality of the report.
Because of this, VERIFY and its independent medical examiners must insist that the letter of instruction and brief be delivered at least 3* business days before the independent medical examination occurs. If the letter of instruction and brief is not provided within that time frame, then the independent medical examination will need to be rescheduled or cancelled, and a rescheduling fee or cancellation fee will regrettably apply.

Additional documents

Documents delivered after the medico legal examination occurs will need to be considered separately by the independent medical examiner. Regrettably, additional reading fees and/or supplementary report fees will apply.

Non attendance and late cancellation fees

  1. Many hours of work is undertaken to prepare for your client’s medical examination, both by the doctor and VERIFY. This work include scheduling and rescheduling appointments, and preparing documents and briefs of material for the doctor. Extensive reading is also performed before the examination, both by VERIFY to ensure that its high levels of quality assurance are met, and by the doctor to be completely prepared for the medical examination. The doctor has also set aside time to perform the medical examination and write the report, and VERIFY has made available reception staff and consultation rooms for the examination to occur, in circumstances where this time and resources could have been diverted elsewhere.
  2. If your client fails to attend the medical examination, or the medical examination is cancelled with less than 3 business days’ notice, then regrettably we must charge a non-attendance fee or cancellation fee as outlined in this correspondence. If you think that there is a risk that your client may not attend the medical examination, or may need to cancel the medical examination, then please notify VERIFY as soon as possible. With adequate notice, these fees can normally be avoided.
  3. Unless otherwise indicated, your client will receive a text message from VERIFY one (1) week before to their medical examination to remind them of their appointment.